New project case studies available

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on December 23, 2015

We’ve just updated our project success samples/case studies to include some recent engagements. See if any of these might offer some new ideas for your challenges.


Sales/Customer Service

Communication/Team Building


Re-engineering the Customer Experience

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on December 1, 2015

I love it when clients want to ensure their customers have a positive experience with every interaction. So I was thrilled with a previous client called to ask me to help them re-engineer their customer processes.



Do you know how you stack up against the competition?

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on November 22, 2015

www.SevillebyPepe.comOn a recent visit to Seville, my group of 4 friends engaged Pepe Muñoz ( to show us around on bikes and take us on a tapas tour. Pepe exceeded our expectations — we loved his humor, his insights, his perspective of life and his great English — so we hired him to take us to Alhambra, the famous castle 3 hours away. Then we asked him to take us to the airport the next day.

At our next stop, Lisbon, we also hired a private local guide, Joanne, based on the recommendation of our hotel. While Joanne was friendly and spoke good English, she wasn’t much of a guide. In retrospect, she was a local driver with a tiny bit of knowledge on the sites she took us to.

I outlined for Pepe how his services stacked up to Joanne’s so he’d know what stood out. I do this for clients, shopping their services as well as the competition, to know where they shine and how they could improve. Have you done this lately? If not, maybe you’re like Joanne, not knowing you’re missing out on referrals and repeat customers. If so, I’m happy to help you.

I thought you would like to see the comparison of Pepe and Joanne in the hopes there might be something you can extract to apply to your own business.



Do you want to improve customer sat scores?

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on October 3, 2015

Managers Discussion Guide ProgramA manager of a large company contacted me because they wanted help increasing their customer satisfaction scores. Their bonuses were based on the customer sat scores and they’d missed getting one the year just ended.

They wanted a longer-term solution than a short seminar. I suggested the Managers Discussion Guide Program, since it’s a monthly discussion, led by each manager with his/her team. In a conference call early in the month, I walk through all the managers in that month’s module so they can then lead the discussion with their team. The managers receive a short discussion guide and team members receive a few pages for their notes. The discussions are designed to take 20-40 minutes, depending on the size of the group and the depth of the discussion. Each month focuses on a key customer service skill.

This global group of managers met with me via phone each month and I walked them through each month’s module. I call it Just-In-Time Learning, as they didn’t get the info before they needed to use it. There was no pre-work for them, which they appreciated. After they led the discussion with their group, they reported it on their Score Card so their manager could track their progress. In fact, the senior managers also participated in the program.

Over the course of the year, they were delighted to see the customer sat scores rise. At the end of the year, the cumulative score exceeded the target so they got their bonus. We all cheered!

If you would like to discuss how the Managers Discussion Guide Program could help your organization raise its customer satisfaction, please let me know.


Are you making it difficult to do business with you?

by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC on September 28, 2015

IMG_0926Rarely do businesses look at their processes with a fresh pair of eyes — a new customer’s eyes.

For example, I’m sure this city’s leaders and the downtown merchant association thought the answer to scarce parking was a 3-story garage. The merchants probably saw an increase in business for awhile, especially among locals.



Two tales at a sale

September 14, 2015

Do your staff share similar attitudes toward customers? I was recently struck by two people working for the same organization in the same function but with opposite perspectives.

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Manager unclear on concept of “customer experience”

September 1, 2015

I was engaged to help a team increase their customer responsiveness when I heard this tale which happened soon after I took the assignment. The manager of the customer first contact area decided to close that area for 2 hours to have a 1-hour meeting with staff to discuss ways to improve service. During one […]

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Unexpected gift delights new customer

August 15, 2015

There was no signage touting “Free side order for new customers.” Nothing to suggest I’d get a gift.

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Are your customers waiting needlessly?

July 30, 2015

I had to sign some documents at a bank as Board Secretary of Together We Can Change the World. I called the bank officer and arranged to come in the next day. I called her on the appointed day to tell her I’d be there in 20 minutes. When I arrived, I had to wait […]

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Try vs make a decision

July 15, 2015

You’ve heard the old adage, “There is no such thing as trying; you either do it or you don’t.” I had a recent experience with this. Perhaps my lesson will be useful to you.

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